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A Journey to Dokdo of Korea

A journey to Dokdo shall start at Ulleungdo.

The ships to Ulleungdo depart from Mukho Port of Donghae, Gangwon-do and from Pohang Port and Hupo Port of Gyeongbuk every morning at 10 AM. The returning ships depart at 4 PM to Pohang and at 3 PM to Mokho and Hupo.

The ship Hangyeore that departs from Mukho Port has room for up to 445 people, the ship Sunflower from Pohang has room for 815, and the ship Seaflower from Hupo has room for 240. Unlike the Hangyeore, the Sunflower of Pohang can also carry vehicles but it takes about 30 minutes longer.

The visitors used to have to apply for entrance to Dokdo at Ulleung-gun Office and obtain approval in order to enter Dokdo, but nowadays all they need to do is to submit an application. The sightseeing groups that do not actually enter Dokdo do not even need to submit an application. All they need is to board the Hangyeore at Dodong Port of Ulleungdo at 1:30 PM on Wednesdays, Fridays, or Sundays or the Sunflower at the same port at 2 PM on Saturdays.

Those who wish to walk on Dokdo need to board the 106-ton Ship Sambong which can actually dock at Dokdo. An application is rarely rejected since the Ship Sambong is operated by Dokdo Tourist??s Marine Transportation (054-791-8111). The Ship Sambong has the room for 210 passengers and departs from Jeodong Port every morning at 7:30 AM and from Dodong Port every evening at 2:30 PM. It usually takes a little over 4 hours to make a round-trip, but the trip time varies according to the weather.

The Korean Government limits the daily entrance to Dokdo to 140 persons, but there are countless people who wish to visit Dokdo. Therefore, the visitors must plan ahead and make reservations in advance. Also, Dokdo may not allow the ship to dock when the surrounding waves are higher than 3~5m. Therefore, entrance to Dokdo is permitted only one out of 40 days a year.

Pohang-UlleungSunflowerYear-round1 round-
trip a day
Pohang<->UlleungTo Dokdo Departure 14: 00 Arrival 17: 00
* In winter, departure from Ulleungdo will be at 15:00.
Peak2 round-
trips a day
Hupo-UlleungSeaflowerYear-round5 round-
trips a week
Hupo<->UlleungDeparts: Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri, Sat
(Departs on Saturday and returns on Sunday)
Mukho-UlleungHangyeore3.1~10.311 round-
trip a day
Mukho<->UlleungDeparts: Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
(On Tue and Wed, take KCatamaran)
11.1~2.281 round-
trip a week
Departs: Sat and Sun
Peak2 round-trips a day08:50<-06:30
Departs: Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
(On Tue and Wed, take KCatamaran)
Ulleung-DokdoShip SambongYear-roundTwo departures a dayJeodong<->Dokdo
A round-trip takes 3~4 hours


* The schedule is subject to change due to various reasons
(please check before you make a trip)

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