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Dokdo of Korea is a national asset, Natural Monument #336, a special island group, and a natural environment preservation zone.

Dokdo, a distant island in the East Sea, is 90km to the east of Ulleungdo.

Dokdo, including San 1 ~ 37 Dokdo-ri Ulleung-eup, Ulleung-gun, was created by a volcanic eruption 4.6 million years ago. It is as much as 2 million years older than Ulleungdo, which is 2.5 million years old.

Dokdo, Natural Memorial #336 of Korea, is divided into Dong-do and Seo-do. Dong-do and Seo-do are surrounded by 78 small and large rocks and reefs.

The rocks of Dokdo include Samhyeongje (Three Brothers) Baui, Tanggun (a coronet of government officials from the Joseon Dynasty) Baui, Chotdae (Candleholder) Baui, Gwaneum (Buddha), and Janggun (said to resemble a nervous face of a general (Janggun) before a battle) Baui.

Dong-do rises to about 98.6m above sea level in height and its summit is relatively flat. Therefore, there are the Dokdo Security Office, a helicopter course, and a lighthouse on the summit.

Climb up about 81m along the steep stairs leading to the peak and you will see a sign reading "Hangookryeong ()" which was engraved by Captain Soon Chil Hong and his Dokdo Loyalty Guards, who sacrificed their lives to protect Dokdo from Japan during the Korean War, in 1954.

Contact: Marine Policy Division
Tel: 02-3674-6511~4

The rocks on Dokdo's southwestern edges are covered with black-tailed gulls, the symbol of Dokdo.

Dong-do's slope mysteriously draws a topography that is very similar to the shape of the Korean Peninsula as if it is emphasizing that Dokdo is the property of Korea.

Seo-do, which rises up to 168.5m above sea level, is a cone-shaped island with a sharp peak and is roughly twice as big as Dong-do. Being a steep cone, it is not very inviting to people, but it is a good habitat of about 60 species of fowl, including fork-tailed petrel, streaked shearwater, black-tailed gull, and black wood pigeon.

Seo-do's coastal cliffs have numerous caves which add to the beauty of Dokdo's lands

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