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    Ли Мён Бак

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  • Legal Evidence of Permitting Civilian Visitors to Dokdo

    The entrance of civilian visitors to Dokdo was restricted by Article 33 of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act since Dokdo was appointed as Natural Monument #336 (Official Title: Dokdo Natural Preservation Zone) in 1982. However, of the two restricted areas, (Dong-do and Seo-do) Dong-do has been opened to civilian visitors who submit an application and obtain approval (2005.3.24 New Governmental Orders).

  • Application to Enter Dokdo

    • General Tourists

      >> Travel Agencies >> Ulleung-gun
      Reservation with a Travel Agency
      Applications for
      All Reservations
      Issuance of an Approval

      * Applications are accepted on first-come-first-serve basis up to the maximum number of visitors permitted per day.


      - Dokdo Tourist’s Marine Transportation Co., Ltd. (054-791-8111~2)
      - Daea Express Marine Transportation Co., Ltd. (054-791-0801~3)

  • Reminder

    Entrance to Dokdo may be restricted to general visitors due to weather conditions or other inevitable reasons.

    - The number of visitors permitted is restricted to 70 persons per trip and to 140 persons per day.

    - The visitors cannot go beyond Dong-do Port once they arrive on Dokdo.

    • Special Occasions

      - Events, Assemblies, Press, Reporting·Broadcasting, Academic Researches, Lodging, Stays, etc

      >> Ulleung-gun >> Applicants
      Submission of an Application and RegistrationAuthorization and Issuance of an Approval Form from the Cultural Heritage AdministrationReservation with a Travel Agency

    • An All applications to for enterentrance to Dokdo must include

      - An completely filled out application form completely filled out

      - A list of names of people who are included in the application (in case of afor groups)

      - A specified plan itinerary indicating the objectives, schedules, and equipments (a schedule of events in case of an event)

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