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 Остров Токто

This film shows the historical and legal basis that Dokdo is Korean territory and how inconsistent Japanese claim to the island is. (English)

О наименовании морской территории, расположенной между Корейским полуостровом и Японским архипелагом

History of and Sovereignty over Dokdo

History of and Sovereginty over Dokdo - Nine Stories of Dokdo that are distorted by Japan 1. Perceptions of Dokdo in Korea and Japan 2. Fishermen's Ownership of Dokdo? 3. Prohibition of Travel to Ulle ...

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Согласно древней японской карте остров Токто принадлежит Корее
На древней карте найденной в Японии ясно видно, что группа островов в Восточном море является территорией королевства Силла. Королевство Силла одно из трех древних королевств, которые контролировали корейский полуостров с 57 г. до н.э. по 935 г. н.э.

Japanese scholar underlines need for finding true history
A Japanese scholar on Tuesday (April 10) stressed the importance of searching for historical truth in his special lecture at a university in Korea. "Archeology is a study of finding the truth in history. Sometimes I get threatened by my writing o ...

New program teaches new generation of Dokdo defenders
A private organization dedicated to territorial protection launched a training program on how to explain and promote Korea’s sovereignty over Dokdo, the nation's easternmost territory which is also claimed by Japan. A civil alliance called “Dokdo ...

Presidential Address

Special Message by President Roh Moo-hyun on Korea-Japan Relations
Dokdo for us is not merely a matter pertaining to territorial rights over tiny islets but is emblematic of bringing closure to an unjust chapter in our history with Japan and of t ......

President Roh Moo-hyun's Message to the Nation on March 23
[Unofficial translation] An Open Letter to the Nation by President Roh Moo-hyun Concerning Korea-Japan Relations March 23, 2005 President Roh posted this open letter to the nation today on the Cheong Wa Dae News corner of the Che ......




Dokdo: Standing On the Cliffs of Freedom and Independence
"The Korean government is strongly dedicated to protecting the far reaches of the nation's borders, and the reason rings clear: freedom is not free until Dokdo is unanimously recognized as Korean territory." Approximately 217 kilometers from the ...

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