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A national history agency unveiled Monday (March 26) a series of public-relations videos for Korea's East Sea to counter similar videos made by the Japanese Foreign Ministry last July to promote the body of water as the Sea of Japan.

In a press conference Monday, the Northeast Asian History Foundation unveiled the three-part, 19-minute video produced in Korean, English and Japanese that addresses the claims from Tokyo's foreign ministry-produced "Sea of Japan" piece line by line.

The three-volume Korean production shows historical evidence from "Samguksagi" (The History of the Three Kingdoms) and “Samgukyusa,” a history written by a Buddhist monk from the Goryeo Kingdom (918-1392), and other official records. The video also reports the "East Sea" is chronicled in Chinese history textbooks and on the Gwanggaetodaewang Monument, erected in the 5th century to honor Great King Gwanggaeto (r. 391-413).

Gwanggaeto was the 19th king of the Goguryeo (37 B.C.-A.D. 668). He extended the Korean kingdom's territory far into present-day Manchuria

The state-funded history foundation will post the video on its Internet home page (www.historyfoundation.or.kr) and ask the government, provincial authorities and schools to use it for educational purposes.

Источник:  korea.net

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