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A private organization dedicated to territorial protection launched a training program on how to explain and promote Korea’s sovereignty over Dokdo, the nation's easternmost territory which is also claimed by Japan.

A civil alliance called “Dokdo Network” held a launching ceremony for the Dokdo Academy at the National Assembly Library on Tuesday (April 10). Around 3,000 university students competed to be the academy's first 150 students.

The program aims to educate people on ways to rationally respond to Japanese moves to intensify its claims over the cluster of islands in the East Sea and build international alliances by expanding networks of overseas Korean nationals and foreign civic organizations.

The selectees will have in-class education regarding Korea’s sovereignty over Dokdo at the Kim Koo Museum and Library until the end of April and will actually visit the island for a first-hand experience for three days next month.

Japan has often claimed ownership of Dokdo since the early 20th century. It insists that it annexed the islands through a prefectural notice in 1905 in the run-up to its colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula (1910-1945). The islands, located some 89 km southeast of Korea's Ulleungdo and 160 km northwest of Japan's Oki Island, has been listed as Korean territory in historic documents since the fifth century.

The second session of the Dokdo Academy is scheduled in September, and for more information visit the Dokdo Academy website at http://dokdoacademy.or.kr.

Источник:  korea.net

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